The Saturday Maniacs Youth Bowling League was represented at recent state competition in Peoria and Pekin. Photo provided.

Local youth bowlers compete at state tournament events

On Saturday and Sunday, April 29-30, young people from the Saturday Maniacs Youth Bowling League hosted at the Strike Zone in Anna went to the Illinois United States Bowling Congress Youth Association State Tournament in Peoria and Pekin.

On Saturday, the participants bowled in doubles and singles events in Peoria at Landmark Recreation Center.  

On Sunday, they bowled in the team event at Sunset Lanes in Pekin.  

There were over 650 bowlers from across the state who bowled in the singles event.  

There were several youth who placed in the events and earned scholarship money as a result.  

League representatives said the local bowlers represented the area and the Strike Zone well and were commended for their efforts.

The tournament results were as follows:

All Events (Individual Scores From all Games over the 2 Day Period)

Division A: 2nd place, Owen Quick (390). 3rd place, Logan Quick (887). 6th place, Tori Quick (743). 11th place, Nick Lingle (460).

Division B: 3rd place, Madi Hawk (1257). 5th place, Whitley Quick (1178). 12th place, Stuart Busby (1068). 15th place, Zach Miller (1046). 28th place, Brandon Miller (944).

Division C: 2nd place, Andrew Odum (1560). 3rd place, Aden Hopkins (1526). 4th place, Darrian Quick (1476). 5th place, Jacob Cross (1451). 12th place, TeeJay Hileman (1346). 19th place, Tyler Sutton (1304). 23rd place, Elijah Ellis (1296).

Division D: 10th place, Jacob Whitney (1591). 34th place, Zachary Odum (1464). 37th place, Seth Busby (1446).

Division E: 48th place, Evan Smoot (1536).

Team Event

Under 12 years division: 2nd place, Strike Zone No. 1 (Logan Quick, Owen Quick, Stuart Busby, Nick Lingle).

Under 15 years division: 1st place, Strike Zone No. 2 (Tori Quick, Madi Hawk, Peyton Clymore, Whitley Quick). 2nd place, Strike Zone No. 3 (Andrew Odum, Darrian Quick, Ryan Whitney, Zach Miller). 4th place, Strike Zone No. 4 (Jacob Cross, Tyler Sutton, Brandon Miller, Elijah Ellis)

Under 20 years division: 5th place, Strike Zone No. 5 (Kelsey Eslinger, TeeJay Hileman, Aden Hopkins, J.T. Whitney). 61st place, Strike Zone No. 6 (Zachary Odum, Seth Busby, Evan Smoot).

Doubles Event

Division A: 3rd place, Logan Quick/Owen Quick (595). 12th place, Tori Quick/Peyton Clymore (390).

Division B: 9th place, Whitley Quick/Ryan Whitney (715). 11th place, Madi Hawk/Zach Miller (707). 20th place: Brandon Miller/Elijah Ellis (673).

Division C: 1st place, Darrian Quick/Andrew Odum (1066). 11th place, Jacob Cross/Tyler Sutton (883).

Division D: 28th place, Jacob Whitney/Aden Hopkins (999). 37th place, Zachary Odum/Seth Busby (982). 42nd place, TeeJay Hileman/Evan Smoot (969).

Singles Event

Division AA: 4th place, Peyton Clymore (144)

Division A: 1st place, Owen Quick (391. Had high game for division as well. 10th place, Logan Quick (264). 12th place, Tori Quick (259). 15th place, Nick Lingle (233).

Division B: 1st place, Stuart Busby (466). 5th place, Madi Hawk (439). 7th place, Whitley Quick (420). 35th place, Zach Miller (335). 43rd place, Brandon Miller (322). 71st place, Ryan Whitney (255).

Division C: 2nd place, Darrian Quick (530). 3rd place, Elijah Ellis (515). 4th place, Jacob Cross (512). 10th place, Aden Hopkins (497). 12th place, Andrew Odum (493). 71st place, Tyler Sutton (378).

Division D: 12th place, Jacob Whitney (569). 52nd place, Seth Busby (512). 70th place, Zachary Odum (492).

Division E: 121st place, Evan Smoot.

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