A hummingbird (in the lower right hand corner) didn't seem to mind the downpour: the hummer was stopping at a feeder at the white barn at the Trail of Tears State Forest last Saturday afternoon.
It's deja vu, all over again. In more ways than one. Deja Vu Numero Uno: we're using deja vu for the second week in a row. Call it Deja Vu, Number Two, just for you. Deja Vu Numero Two-o: ( know. Two-o really isn't a word. Oh, well.) Didn't we just do the whole too much water everywhere thing?...
This image could well represent the first time that your intrepid photographer consciously shot a picture of feet. Inches, I've done, but never feet. I don't think.
Why, you may be asking yourself, are you looking at pictures of feet? Quite honestly, there are probably a couple of answers to that question. Both of the answers have to do with how yours truly spent part of last Saturday. For one thing, I don't think that I've ever specifically focused my...
A river vessel of some sort was making its way, ever so slowly, north on the Mississippi River. The soup that was passing for air made photographs a bit of a challenge from the overlook at the Trail of Tears State Park.
We renewed acquaintances with an old, old friend one day last week. In this case, "we" involved The Other Half, yours truly and a visitor from Tarheel country, AKA Nawth Carolina.  Our grandson was able to share two weeks of his summer with us in the Land Between the Rivers. As might be expected...
Engineer Mike Walker stands on the front of a restored, orange and white Illinois Central Gulf locomotive, number 7738. Walker, a volunteer, is from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.
Never, ever, did I think I would find myself where I found myself. OK. Maybe that's just a little bit dramatic. During the weekend of July 15, 16 and 17, The Other Half and yours truly made another one of our journeys to Kaintuck. We were on a mission, of sorts, but it was a fun sort of mission. A...
Your intrepid photographer spotted a pair of birds (we'll call them doves) on utility wires near St. Joseph Catholic Church in Cobden. So, I captured this clever silhouette image of the birds. (Yes, I was on another one of my walks. Sorry.)
This originally was going to be about Pokemon Go. What, you say? You've never heard of Pokemon Go. Good. That is very, very good. If I understand it correctly, Pokemon Go is some sort of 21st century smartphone craziness which causes people to forget the world around them and, in essence, become...
This week's column is brought to you by the letter "M," as in monsoon. Or, maybe, meow. For some reason, this "M" was laying on the street. I spotted it on a recent walk. On a "M"onday, I think.
One day last week, yours truly was motoring home from The Paragraph Factory... And that's as far as that goes... ...you see, I started to write this one day last week. Apparently, while I was motoring home for lunch, or for some other truly fascinating reason, I experienced something momentous...
Into every life a little rain must fall. Such was the case when your writer and Daughter went to a Miners minor league baseball game.
So. I was out for a walk one evening last week. Strolled past a house. Door opens.  Out rushes a dog the size of a buffalo. Or, maybe the size of a cute little bunny rabbit. The dog is growling and barking and making sounds one would associate with a predator seeking fresh meat. The dog's eyes are...
A 95th birthday celebration was being held for Betty Renzaglia of Carbondale. Her special birthday was June 22.
This week, we're going on a bit of a time travel adventure. By it's very nature, the newspaper business allows one to experience time travel. You see, we're pretty much in the business of the past. We rely on what has already happened, especially in the weekly newspaper business. I suppose "news"...
Ancient artifacts? Yes, kids, these are genuine videocassette tapes from prehistoric times. Since they are old, they are good.
Father's Day has come and gone. And the day probably came with little, if any fanfare. This is being written on the Friday morning, which would have made it Father's Day eve eve, I think. At the particular time that this masterpiece was being composed, yours truly hadn't really decided what he...
Quite honestly, this has nothing to do with meteors falling from the sky in broad daylight. However, it does have to do with Latin, which is supposed to be a dead language, mainly because everybody who speaks it, at least on a regular basis, mortuus est.* The message was posted on a sign which stands on the grounds of the Anna fire and police station.
That figures. A potential harbinger of the apocalypse appears in the sky, right over our heads, AND I MISSED IT. Of course, maybe you did, too. A fellow traveler on the Journey Through Life paid a visit to my cubicle last Thursday afternoon and asked if I had seen the meteor. I am pretty sure that...


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