Now what? An inch worm paused and may have been pondering its next move while living on the edge one afternoon last week. The critter was wandering around on the writer’s desk.
WARNING to readers: Blame whatever follows on the fact that your writer spent way too much time out in the heat and humidity last weekend. And, boy, was it hot. It was so hot that a little water fountain The Other Half has in the backyard was puffing out little clouds of steam Sunday afternoon. It...
What are these creatures? We’ve all seen them as they buzz around in little clouds. They look kind of like tiny grains of white rice as they move together through the air.
A fellow traveler on the Journey Through Life mentioned to me one day last week that recent columns didn’t seem to involve much writing. The traveler was correct. Your writer has been using more photographs lately, mainly because your writer liked the photographs, and thought a few other folks...
A pileated woodpecker appeared to be grinning at the photographer when the picture was taken. Two of the big birds were actually hanging around at the time, at a location which will remain, well, secret. I will say that it was on the North American continent.
Oh, no. He’s doing it again this week. Pictures of birds and a snake... ...sometimes, you just have to go dig in the dirt, or take pictures of birds, or get face to face with the rocks in a creek bed... Such was the case last weekend. The Other Half and yours truly just needed to do some things...
Some feathered fowls went on a journey which took them across a rural road near Cobden on a recent sunny afternoon.
Maybe you’ve heard the proverb... ...a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Supposedly, the words of wisdom were spoken long ago by a fellow in China whose name was Lao Tzu. Or maybe Laozi. I can’t tell you for sure. If what I discovered on the internet was true, and no doubt it...
The Leaning Tower of Too Many Books to Read? So many, as a matter of fact, that they caused our house to tilt to one side. Some day, when yours truly has more time on his hands, all of these books will be read. One, oops, make that two, of the books in this stack are signed by the authors.
The cats and I have been spending some special time together this week. The four of us look forward to such occasions... Lately, I’ve been making my way through “Grant,” a biography written by author Ron Chernow. The author also has written a biography of George Washington and another fellow named...
Yours truly truly was happy to see Chuck wandering around last week. At least when the picture was taken, he was far away from a road.
The goal on Monday was pretty simple. Drive home for lunch. Eat lunch. Drive back to The Paragraph Factory. Do not, as in absolutely do not, run over any cute, furry rodents. Goal achieved. Thank goodness. That didn’t keep Chuck from glaring at me. I am sure that he was glaring at me. Chuck was out...
A young fox did not seem to be bothered at all by a nosy photographer who kept taking his (her?) picture.
Once again this week, we’ll offer a little bit of this, and a little bit of that... ...mainly ‘cause your writer was having trouble coming up with something exciting for this week... ...speaking of your writer (that would be me), he paid a very rare visit to a yard sale last Saturday morning...to...
Nope...black and white simply does not do it justice. This picture of the world around Lingle Creek was taken one day last week. If you are so inclined, you can see a color version of the image by heading to our online version of the paper. Otherwise, use your imagination a bit.
This week is about ghosts (or maybe just some special memories), using your imagination and pondering a few changes which are happening at The Paragraph Factory. One morning last week, just because, yours truly decided to take a bit of a road trip, all the way to the Old Cape Road.  For those who...
Aren’t they cute? And, just why are little baby gooses called goslings? Seems like one baby goose could be a goosling. And a bunch of baby gooses could be gooslings. Or, at least, geeslings.
In the beginning... I typed the words. Paused. Waited. Hoping for divine inspiration.  A couple of things occurred to me. First, the words had already been used. Long ago. Long, long, long ago. Don’t want to be accused of plagiarism. In this case, the consequences could be eternal. Second, I was...
Mystery pic: While motoring home last Friday, I happened to spot a flock of birds way, way up high in the sky. Please read this to see more about whatever these creatures might have been. Maybe.
This week is for the birds. Really. Well, not really. It’s more about the birds, instead of for the birds. The photographs which accompany this week’s column were taken during various walkabout adventures involving yours truly. All of the pics were taken during the last couple of weeks. We’re...


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