Sometimes you feel like a nut... This bushy-tailed critter was having a good ol’ time gnawing away on what looked to be a walnut one evening last week.A zombie cat showed up on our porch one night last week. The critter, which was trying to disguise itself as a raccoon, didn’t seem the least bit concerned about having its picture taken. Eventually, it just kind of meandered away in to the dark. Guess it was a good thing that the critter just wanted some dry cat food and not my brain, although that would not have been very filling...even for a zombie...

A zombie cat...and some other stuff, too...

Please read this...

Did you know that there was a grand champion snack stick honored at this year’s Illinois State Fair in Springfield? 

I didn’t either. But there was. Along with a grand champion mild cheddar cheese, a grand champion aged cheddar cheese, a grand champion Belgian chocolate premium ice cream, a grand champion beef jerky, a grand champion bratwurst, a grand champion bacon, a grand champion bone in ham and a grand champion dairy goat’s milk.


I brought this up because, as you probably know, we are in the midst of Union County Fair week. Grand champions will be honored at the Union County Fair, too. I just don’t remember seeing a grand champion snack stick at the fair in Anna. Maybe I just missed it.

Seemed a little ironic, but the grand champion cheddar cheese awards went home to Wisconsin. Guess that would make sense, though, since there are so many cheeseheads in our neighbor to the north.

The grand champion snack sticks were made by a place in Springfield. Just out of curiosity, I looked to see if it’s possible to order a grand champion snack stick online.

Turns out the folks who make the grand champion snack sticks offer some, shall we say, unique products...such as Pepperoni Rex snack sticks, Original Raptor Claw snack sticks and BBQ Saurus snack sticks, to name a few. 

Someday, maybe I’ll figure out where they get the meat for the snack sticks. I’m figuring they’ve got some sort of a deal with the folks at Jurassic Park. By the way, do you suppose that dinosaur meat tastes like chicken?

The photographs you see with this week’s column don’t really have much of anything to do with snack sticks; although, I suppose they could. Some folks like squirrel. And raccoon. They both taste like, chicken, too.

I think the latest round of summer heat and humidity kind of melted all of the words in the part of the writer’s brain which generates such things. 

I’m starting to look forward to a cool, crisp evening...when Bob and I can sit on the front porch without being swarmed by a cloud of pesky, nasty, biting, blood-sucking black and white mosquitoes...

Stay safe, folks. Take a break and have your favorite snack stick or two...

...and now, at least for this week, we’ve reached the end...really...

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