Mystery pic: While motoring home last Friday, I happened to spot a flock of birds way, way up high in the sky. Please read this to see more about whatever these creatures might have been. Maybe.Even a starling didn’t look half bad when it was surrounded by lots of spring blossoms. I think the tree was a Bradford pear. Can’t be sure.Gooses don’t usually have feathers on their beaks. This one did, at least for a moment or two. Bluebirds of happiness? Hope they were happy with the abode they found on our little patch of ground. We like to have bluebirds, and lots of other birds, around.

This week's column is one for the birds...

Please read this...

This week is for the birds. Really. Well, not really. It’s more about the birds, instead of for the birds.

The photographs which accompany this week’s column were taken during various walkabout adventures involving yours truly. All of the pics were taken during the last couple of weeks.

We’re hoping that a pair of bluebirds were setting up home in our little corner of the world. We like to have bluebirds around. Then again, we’re pretty happy to have all kinds of birds around.

The kingfisher and the goose both were spotted at one of my favorite little places to visit in Union County. The kingfisher soared from tree to tree, and was kind enough to sit still long enough for a pic. The goose was busy trying to remove a feather from its beak. The effort was successful.

Thanks to bright, white spring blossoms on what I think was a Bradford pear tree, even a starling managed to look good.

Last, but not least, are the mystery birds which were spotted soaring high in the sky over Union County last Friday, around midday.

Yours truly was motoring from Anna to Cobden for lunch. On the way, I just happened to look up and notice the birds. I stopped the car and managed to get one halfway decent image of the scene overhead.

The flock (and that’s probably not the right word) seemed to move pretty much as a single creature. For a few moments, there they were. And then, there they weren’t. They just seemed to vanish.

I tried to enlarge the photograph enough to get an idea of what kind of birds they were. There was a bit of a hint that they looked like pelicans. Just could not be sure.

Well, enough for now. We’ll see what kind of adventures the next couple of weeks might bring.


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