A view of Clear Creek from a bridge on Morgan School Road.A temporary waterfall at the Trail of Tears State ForestAn icy formation on the ground along the Quetil Trail.Plants covered in ice along the Quetil Trail.

Water, water, and more water...

Please read this. . .

At the time this was started, on a Sunday afternoon, even more precipitation was falling from the sky. 

I could tell it was precipitating by looking online. After all, that’s where we find out about EVERYTHING nowadays. Right? 

Oh, I also looked out the window. Yup. It was raining.

At least the rain on Sunday afternoon was not freezing. Had enough of that early Sunday morning. Fortunately, the ice was not all that bad. Just had to be a bit careful while wandering around in the outdoors.

Most of us have had plenty of experience with all kinds of water over the past few weeks. That explains the “pitchers” you see this week.

My various travels throughout the county during the past week involved water – the frozen kind, the not-so-frozen kind...and even some of the kind of scary kind.

The kind of scary water was experienced last Thursday at Clear Creek, between Jonesboro and Ware, along the levee, and on a bridge carrying Morgan School Road over the water.

Clear Creek again was a bit on the high side, thanks to the downpours we’ve been having. The creek appeared to have grown to the size of a small river. The water was moving rapidly. And you could hear it, too. 

At one point, your intrepid photographer stopped on a bridge which carries Morgan School Road over Clear Creek. 

I walked to the other side of the bridge, where the water was flowing over the road. At that point, an odd thought flashed through my mind: If, for some reason, the bridge were to wash away in the rushing water, then yours truly would be, well, stuck in a rather unpleasant, very cold and very wet place. I quickly walked back across the bridge to my car. With fingers crossed.

I headed back to civilization through the Trail of Tears State Forest, where I caught a glimpse of a temporary waterfall. Such things seem to happen when we get lots of rain. 

The frozen kind of water was seen early last Friday afternoon along the Quetil Trail in Alto Pass. And, I’m here to tell you, it was really cold at the time. At least  the sun was shining. And there weren’t any mosquitoes.

Thanks to all of the rain we’ve been having, there indeed were plenty of icicles to be seen, along with ice in other interesting shapes and formations. The images were quite eye-catching, frozen fingers notwithstanding.

The photographs you see on this page include images of the aforementioned frozen water along the trail in Alto Pass, as well as some pics which were taken during and after some of the downpours we experienced last week.

The downpour photographs were taken on the Morgan School Road bridge over Clear Creek and at the Trail of Tears State Forest.

Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, the weather will be at least a little bit drier. And, maybe even a bit warmer. 

Allow me to close this week by saying Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody – and especially to my sweetheart, who (thank goodness for me) knows a whole lot more about fixing things than yours truly does.



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