Night oncoming, northbound freight train, headlights on vehicles and streetlights helped to create this image.A very bright crescent moon was shining in the night sky over the steeple at the First Baptist Church in Cobden. Didn’t even notice the reflection of lights in the lower right hand corner which looked like a water fountain.A zombie cat with glow-in-the-dark eyes was making plans for Halloween night.

Wandering through the dark...and some other things...

Please read this. . .

Our sinuses seem to be improving. Maybe it was the drastic change in the weather. By the way, all of those who like the cooler temperatures, please raise your hand. A little bit more rain would be nice, too.

My recent little sniffly sinus adventure didn’t keep me from trying to go for a walk every day. I’ve reached the point where I kind of feel guilty if a walk isn’t part of the day.

Your writer’s schedule (or something that sort of resembles a schedule) at The Paragraph Factory often means that I get well into the evening hours...sometimes even after the sun has long ago set.

That means a walk may have to take place in the dark of the night. Especially as we ease into the fall and winter. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, even though it seemed like summer lasted into the early days of October, that didn’t keep the numbers of hours of sunlight we’ve seen from slowly diminishing, as they do.

Evening, and night time, walks aren’t too bad in the spring, summer and part of the fall. Winter can be a little more challenging, especially in the bitter cold. Guess it’s all part of the adventure.

As you might guess, I try to carry my camera with me on my walks. Never know what you might see while wandering around in the dark. I can tell you that squirrels don’t seem to get out much at night. Unless they are zombie squirrels or vampire squirrels. I’m guessing they are waiting for Halloween.

One evening last week, I did see a possum on a night time stroll. Tried to get a picture of the critter, but it was too fast.

Moving on...with a couple of totally unrelated items...

I was sad to hear about the death of a gentleman named Bryan Kelso Crow. Maybe you read the page one story about Mr. Crow in the October 2 issue of The Southern (Illinoisan) newspaper.

Mr. Crow was the host of a radio show called “Celtic Connections.” The show has been airing on WSIU radio on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

I never had an opportunity to meet Mr. Crow, but I really have enjoyed listening to “Celtic Connections,” which showcased Irish...and, obviously, a wide range of Celtic music. Especially on Sunday evenings, the music has been, for many years, a welcome companion while yours truly did the evening’s dinner dishes. The show ends with a song that includes a rather comforting message: “...we’ll be together again...” 

The Southern Illinoisan reported that the last episode of “Celtic Connections” is scheduled to be aired locally on Oct. 12 and 13.

Furthermore, the newspaper noted: “Before his passing, Crow also handpicked a series of reruns, which WSIU will air at the show’s regular time through the end of the year. His final air date, December 26, will be an encore of a show first broadcast last year, marking the 40th anniversary of his first trip to Ireland.”

Finally, we’ll close with yet another shameless plug. Friends of Stinson book sale. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Stinson Memorial Library. Check it out. Cooler weather seems to have arrived...finally. Head to the Friends sale...find a good book...head home...pour yourself a hot beverage...wrap yourself in a nice, warm quilt...enjoy.   

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