During the final days of the 2020 election campaign, Halloween Party candidate Jack O’Lantern paid a visit to Union County. The candidate revived an old-time campaign tradition by making a stump speech. He spoke on an actual tree stump. The candidate said that he has not been spooked by the ongoing pandemic. While admitting to engaging in a few campaign tricks and possibly weaving a web of deceit, Mr. O’Lantern also promised a bag full of treats for good boys and ghouls. The sounds of “Monster Mash” filled A COVID creature? This creation was spotted at Pumpkin Town, which is on display at the Anna City Park.Just because...this squirrel stopped to look down...and maybe say hello...on a Sunday afternoon.

Trick-or-treat... and a stump speech

Please read this...


Yup. Halloween is right around the corner. The calendar on the wall right in front of me shows that Saturday is the Big Day. And there will be a full moon, too. That should make things exciting.

Normally, The Other Half and yours truly would be making plans for Halloween. We would have some friends over, sit out on our big front porch, eat pizza and hand out treats to the kids. Sometimes, we could plan on having about 200 trick-or-treaters.

Not this year, though. We’ve decided to skip trick-or-treating, thanks to that pandemic thing that seems to be going around. We’ll look forward to 2021, when things will be back to “normal.” We hope...


The Other Half and yours truly went on a Sunday afternoon drive last week. Another one of our pandemic dates. 

Our journey took us along several rural roads in our little corner of the world. Fall colors were in full display.  We saw one white-tailed deer (which I was not really expecting to see, given the time of day we were motoring around the country), four hawks, a bunch of cows and some horses. 

We also paid a visit to Pumpkin Town, which is on display this year at the Anna City Park. If you have not been to see Pumpkin Town, be sure to make the trip. The displays continue until Halloween. 


I watched a couple of World Series games and a pro football game over the weekend. Guess I was looking for something “normal” to do.

To be honest, it’s kind of hard to get excited about a World Series involving Los Angeles and Tampa Bay. Even so, the games I watched were pretty entertaining.

Sunday night, I watched the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals play an exciting NFL game. Those of us of a certain age might remember that the Cardinals used to call St. Louis home. Guess that’s why I watched the game. 

Of course, the Cardinals flew the coop, left St. Louis and moved to the desert. Then, the Rams came to St. Louis. For a while. Then they left, too. Disheartening moves.

We’ll close with a couple of other things this week...

Daylight saving time comes to an end this weekend. Mother Nature has slowly been adjusting the dimmer switch for the past couple of weeks. I’m not ready for it to be dark at 5 o’clock. Oh, well.

If you haven’t voted yet, be sure to do so. We all need to have our say in the future of the country.


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