Birds on a wire...a dove and a robin did a little bit of a do-si-do on a utility wire on a summer evening last week...Birds on a wire...a dove and a robin did a little bit of a do-si-do on a utility wire on a summer evening last week...Birds on a wire...a dove and a robin did a little bit of a do-si-do on a utility wire on a summer evening last week...

Stupid Is, As Stupid Does'...the sequel...and birds, too

Please read this. . .

This week...we bring you a sequel: “Stupid Is, As Stupid Does – Episode 2: The Return of the Pain...”

...and, if we get around to it, you’ll get a bit of an explanation about the photographs of the birds.

You may, or may not, recall that a couple of weeks ago, your writer, for reasons unknown, decided to pick up a dish which was fresh out of the oven. In itself, that would not have been so bad, if the oven had not been turned on.

However, as noted in the public confession which I previously shared, the oven had, indeed, been turned on, to a comfortable 350 degrees. That was a very nice temperature for baking potatoes. Not so nice for bare fingers.

Fortunately, the oven and “Stupid Is, As Stupid Does – Episode 1: Or Dumb Can Be Even Dumber,” didn’t do a lot of damage...

...which I suppose leads to the sequel... evening last week, yours truly went to get something out of our refrigerator. At the same time, I decided to get something out of the freezer, which, in this case, is on the top part of the refrigerator. You’s one of those fridge/freezer combos.

On our particular appliance, and maybe on the one you have, there’s a small gap between the top of the door for the compartment which keeps things cold and the bottom of the door where frozen things are kept, well, frozen.

I had never thought about such things before, but...

...if you happen to put the thumb on your left hand in just the right just the right time...

...the dynamics of opening both doors at the same time will be just right...



Really happened.

The initial response: “That hurts.” Which immediately was followed by: “That was dumb.”

The hurt didn’t seem to last nearly as long as the discomfort which accompanied applying one’s bare skin to a dish fresh out of a hot oven. 

Fast forward to last Sunday evening. Yours truly was cooking dinner for my sweetheart. Came time to pull a dish out of the oven, which was set at 350 degrees.

You’re probably thinking that Dumb and Dumber was about to become Dumbest.


I actually managed to take three dishes out of the oven without a single burn. I can tell you that I paid very, very close attention to what I was doing.

Anyway, given my recent experiences, I’m keeping a close eye on things when what I’m doing involves an appliance of some sort. I’m just hoping that there isn’t a way to hurt myself when I’m putting really, really, super sharp knives in the dish rack...

...oh, about those birds... evening last week, while I was on a daily walkabout, I happened to spot a dove and a robin perched nearly side-by-side on a utility wire.

The birds were facing in opposite directions when I spotted them. Then, the dove did an about face, perhaps wanting to keep an eye on the robin. After all, you never know about those robins.

The robin apparently noticed that somebody was taking their picture and decided it wanted to be the top bird, so to speak. So, the robin did a bit of bird shuffle, and changed its position on the wire. At that point, the dove decided it had had enough and flew away. I sensed a certain smugness coming from the robin.

I guess the good thing is that I didn’t hurt myself by taking some pictures of two birds on a wire. That’s worth something.

Enough for sure to make a stop or two or three at the Peach Festival in Cobden this Friday and Saturday. I’ll be there. But, I think I’ll stay away from the Spin and Win game...I’d probably figure out a way to get hurt...








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