A zombie raccoon, no doubt with evil intentions, glared at the photographer, who interrupted an evening sojourn in an oak tree.The one critter you would think would be in the water was not. Go figure.How now, wet cows? I know, that was way too easy, and way too cliche. Oh, well.Splish, splash, a starling was takin’ a bath one day after yet another downpour had occurred in Union County land.

Stalked by zombie raccoon...and ice hockey, too

Please read this. . .

Maybe we shouldn’t have poked fun at zombie raccoons. Last week, as you may recall, or maybe not, we mentioned the presence of so-called “zombie raccoons” in a community up near Chicago.

Apparently, the zombie raccoons read the paper. They got the word out, and the next thing I know, a raccoon with evil, glowing eyes was staring at me from on high.

The episode unfolded one evening last week. Yours truly had gone for an evening stroll and was heading back home for a pre-bedtime nap.

While walking along the west side of our humble abode, I heard a bit of a commotion in an oak tree which is growing next to the house. I could hear the noise, but, since it was dark, I couldn’t really see anything.

Then, I caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure moving around in the tree. I figured it was probably a cat. We have several cats which wander around in the neighborhood, and at least one of them likes to climb trees.

I had my camera with me. Then again, I always have my camera with me. So, I flipped up the flash attachment, aimed the camera at the tree, and starting taking some photographs.

As you can tell by one of the photographs which accompanies this week’s column, the critter in the tree was not a cat. Well, I say it wasn’t a cat. Could have been a cat in disguise. You never know.

I do know that the creature with the evil, glowing eyes started crawling down from its perch in the tree. Since it could have been a zombie raccoon, I decided that the best thing to do was to walk away and get to someplace which was safe. And zombie raccoon proof.

Now – about the other photographs which you get to see this week. 

As you well know, we’ve had lots and lots and lots of rain over the past few months in our little corner of the world. 

While wandering around Union County land during the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen critters which have managed to figure out how to enjoy all of the wet.

One last thing before we finish up for the week...

...as you may know, the St. Louis Blues are playing for the 2019 National Hockey League championship, also known as the Stanley Cup. This is the first time they have played for the championship since 1970. 

The Blues have never – as in never, never – won a Stanley Cup. Maybe, just maybe, they will channel the spirit of what had been a long-suffering baseball team in Chicago that finally won a World Series a couple of years ago. Go Blues.

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