A 95th birthday celebration was being held for Betty Renzaglia of Carbondale. Her special birthday was June 22.Beth was "warming up" in the summer heat prior to performing at the Yellow Moon.

Please read this...This week, a time travel adventure...

This week, we're going on a bit of a time travel adventure.

By it's very nature, the newspaper business allows one to experience time travel. You see, we're pretty much in the business of the past. We rely on what has already happened, especially in the weekly newspaper business. I suppose "news" really isn't "new," since by the time we know that something is news, it's already old.

That's why I find it quite fascinating to watch today's electronic media, with their seemingly constant message of live, up to the second "news," whatever that might be. I keep waiting for somebody to let us know that their next story will be about something that is about to happen, but hasn't yet.

Yes, as you can tell, I have spent way, way too much time wandering around in the Southern Illinois summer heat and humidity...

...which brings us back to our time travel adventure. We're going to travel all the way back to the third Saturday in June.

On Saturday evening, June the eighteenth, in the year of our Lord two thousand and sixteen, yours truly went on one of his daily meanderings.

I try to go for a walk every day. Hopefully, such exercise will help to keep yours truly at least somewhat vaguely healthy. We shall see.  

I may have mentioned this before, but when I sent out on a walk, I really do not know which route I will be taking. Sometimes, I head to the west. Sometimes, to the east. Going south would take me into the neighbors' garage, which probably would not be so smart. Going north would take me into our backyard. 

So, I head east or west, and go where I go. 

On the particular aforementioned Saturday in June, I basically headed in the direction of the downtown area in the little village where we call home. I was hoping to catch sight of a little lost dog which had been the focus of a lot of attention. I didn't see the dog, but that story did have a happy ending. The dog found its way back home, which was a very good thing.

Anyway, while I was wandering through the heat and humidity of a June evening, I happened to hear fiddle music. A fiddle, as you may know, is a down-home violin. As such, a fiddle is much more fun to listen to.

Along with the sound of fiddle music, there was singing. A female voice, to be more specific. The singing sounded like old-timey music, which I happen to like.

This was quite a pleasant surprise. I don't often hear music while I'm on a walk. My curiosity was piqued. I decided to find the source of the music, which I did. A young lady named Beth, from Carbondale, was playing the fiddle. She was being accompanied by Dakota, a local musician, on guitar. They were getting ready to perform at the Yellow Moon in downtown Cobden. (The Yellow Moon has new awnings, by the way.) They were quite good. I sat. I listened. They said it was OK to take some pictures. So, I did.

At about the same time, I learned that a special birthday party was being celebrated in the Yellow Moon. 

Betty Renzaglia of Carbondale was celebrating her 95th birthday. Wow. 95. Her daughter, Karen Renzaglia, also of Carbondale, asked if I could take a picture. Sure. That's what I do.

Joining Betty for her celebration were Mike (a nephew) and Jan Guidinger, who came all the way from Alberta, Canada; and Wayne, Miguel and Andres Womack, all from Makanda, which is not in Canada. As far as I know.

I hope I got the names right for the birthday celebration. The information was written on a card which I found at the Yellow Moon. I also had to borrow a pair of reading glasses. I use a 250. These were a 300. They worked.

After shooting some pics, it was time to resume my walk. The party, and the music, continued. 

So, there you have it. Now, let's get back to Thursday, or whatever day it might be.

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