This praying mantis was spotted while yours truly was enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon on the front porch......I can't tell you for sure, 'cause praying mantises are not particularly chatty. As near as I could tell, this was how the bug decided to show it was bugged by having its picture taken.

Please read this...Sigh...a praying mantis makes a point


...I didn't really want to start with a sigh. As I thought about it, a sigh seemed, well, appropriate...

For one thing, the Cardinals aren't playing in the postseason. To tell you the truth, it's not that surprising. They just kind of seemed to stumble through the 2016 season.

On the other hand, that National League team from Illinois' biggest city is taking aim at a World Series title. And, I'm guessing they've got a really good shot at winning an elusive championship. I'd really, really, really like to be able to write the words Go Cu (cough cough hack hack gag gag computer keyboard simply will not let me finish the word). See what happens.

Then there was a National Football League game that was played last Sunday afternoon. The one that involved the host Arizona Cardinals and their guests, the Los Angeles Rams. Just typing that sentence was enough to make me sigh again.

You see, the Cardinals used to be in St. Louis. They were "my team." Then they left. Then, the Rams used to be in St. Louis. They were "my team." Then, they left. I guess, in a manner of speaking, Sunday's game could have been The Two Teams Which Used To Be In St. Louis Bowl. It was just hard to watch, and I really couldn't even figure out who to cheer for.

As it turned out, my former favorite team beat my former favorite team. In the scope of all of the things which are happening in the universe, did the outcome of that football game last Sunday afternoon really matter? And does it really matter that the Cardinals won't have a shot at a World Series title in 2016. Probably not.

Meanwhile, let me explain the pictures which you get to see this week...

...on the last Sunday afternoon in September, yours truly was taking it easy on our front porch, as I often do.

At one point, I looked up from the book I was reading and spotted a praying mantis. And, as I often do, I decided to get a picture of the bug.

So, I went inside, got my camera, walked over to where the big bug was perched, and started taking some pictures. At some point, the bug apparently got, well, bugged, by my presence, and made straight for my camera. That's why you get to see what I thought was a rather interesting image of a praying mantis.

Almost forgot (and I'm pretty sure that I will someday) my shameless plug: Book sale. Friends of Stinson. At Stinson Memorial Library, Anna. This weekend. Be there. Find a good book you can cozy up with, now that days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer and the weather is about to get a little cooler. Besides, since the Cardinals aren't in the playoffs, you don't have anything else to do. Right?

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