Not quite sure what kind of seed cluster, or ball, or pod, this might be...probably should know.Would be interesting to know what kind of critters might have created these holes in a tree.Lots and lots of "gum balls" from the sweet gum tree can be seen in our front yard.These leaves, which reminded me of ferns, were bright green, and hugging the ground.A lone sweet gum ball was nestled in some rocks next to one of The Other Half's gardens.Bright yellow daffodil flowers have become common sights in the last week or so...hopefully, they are a sure sign that warm breezes and naps on the front porch are coming...

Mother Nature offers some pleasant surprises...

Please read this. . .

Thank goodness...

...last Saturday afternoon, yours truly went on a daily walkabout. 

The sun was shining, all bright and warm. Yes. Warm. As in I won't freeze my face while on a walk. 

I'm not sure how or why the idea flashed through my simple little mind. Such is often the case. That being said, I thought that while I was out enjoying the sunshine, I'd seeing what kind of exciting shapes I might spot in the wonderful, wide world right there in our neighborhood.

If you pay close attention, Mother Nature can offer some pleasant surprises. Generally, all you really have to do is pause for a moment or two, and take a look around.

So, this week there are few more pictures than usual. Hope you get a chance to enjoy Mother Nature's wonders, especially since the weather outside isn't quite as frightful, and freezing, as it seems to have been for a while in our neck of the woods...

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