Clouds filled much of the sky over Union County last Saturday morning. The image was captured during a stop along Aldridge Road, between metropolitan Cobden and Illinois Route 127. Bright, early morning sunshine was cutting through fog along old U.S. Route 51 one morning last week.A hawk soared across the street right in front of me while I was driving early last Friday afternoon. The hawk found a place to perch on a branch in a tree not far from the street.Pileated woodpeckers are fascinating birds...well...they are to this photographer. After hearing the familiar sound of the big bird tapping on a tree, I spotted it in a tree near a walking path at one of my favorite places to visit in Union County.Red leaves remained on a tree at the edge of a parking lot at the First Baptist Church in Cobden last Sunday afternoon. Recent windy days have been putting an end to such displays.

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Please read this...

Every once in a while, I figure it might be nice to create a scrapbook featuring some of the images yours truly has stumbled across during the latest chapter in The Journey Through Life. 

While out wandering around during the past week right here in Union County, I came across all sorts of things that seemed worthy of a picture...or two...

So, if a picture is really worth a thousand words, then this week you’re getting something like, well, five pictures...times a thousand words each...carry the six...factor in the end of Daylight Saving get the picture...I hope...

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