Rain, rain, go away...at least for long enough that a guy can get in a walk. Smart people would have stayed inside, where it was warm and dry.Snow...SNOW...on the 8th day of April! Normally, your writer does not like to use exclamation marks, but this time it just seemed appropriate.

Go for a walk in the rain...you get wet...

Please read this. . .

This week...some sage advice from somebody who's been around the block once or twice...

...really. I go around the block once or twice for my daily walkabouts.

First bit of advice...if you decide to go for a walk when it's raining, you are going to get wet...

One evening last week, while The Other Half was finishing up her duties at The Salt Mine, yours truly decided to go for a walk in the evening. At the time, rain which had been falling appeared to have come to an end.

Well, I managed to take about 30 steps off the front porch, and the rain started to fall again. I hot-footed back to the porch, and waited for the rain to stop. And waited. And waited.

The precipitation eventually stopped, and my walk resumed. In a manner of speaking. About halfway through the walk, the rain started again. I was able to find some shelter from the wet, and got to wait again. At least it wasn't snowing.

Next bit of sage advice...perhaps, as is often the case, I should not have uttered the words I spoke out loud...

...'cause you know what can happen when you actually utter words which would have been better left unsaid.

A couple of weeks ago, The Other Half and yours truly were doing a little bit of spring cleaning and picking up of things on the front porch at our humble abode.

The words "spring cleaning" are only used in the sense that the calendar had suggested that spring actually had arrived. Such has not been the case in Little Egypt in the Year of Our Lord 2018.

There were a couple of tarps and a few bungee cords which were kind of hanging around on the front porch. The items had been used back in month one of what seems to have been the beginning of a winter season which just might stretch into June, July or maybe even the week of the Union County Fair in Anna. Maybe instead of tractor pulls, we could have sled dog races and ice fishing competitions.

Yours truly had used a tarp and some of the bungee cords to cover the vehicle he drives back and forth, from home to The Paragraph Factory. A winter storm, complete with ice and snow and various other forms of frozen precipitation was in the forecast. 

Yours truly figured that if the car were covered, then, maybe, I had half a chance of getting into said vehicle after the frozen precipitation had stopped falling.

I do remember that the weather on the evening of the pending storm was cold. Really cold. Which, I suppose, actually made sense. 

As it turned out, my plan worked. The winter storm arrived, accompanied by the aforementioned ice and snow and whatever else fell from the sky. Thanks to the tarp and the bungee cords, I was able to get into my car, and motor to The Paragraph Factory in order to care for the important duties which go with doing whatever it is that I do.

I share all of this to lay the groundwork for the uttering of the words which should not have been uttered.

As The Other Half and yours truly were in the midst of picking up things on the front porch, she asked if we could put the bungee cords away.

Sure, I figured. It's almost April. It doesn't snow in April around here. 

There. I said it. It's my fault that we had to deal with a winter storm watch, and the possibility of 4, or more, inches of snow, during the first week of April in Southern Illinois.

This story was started last Thursday afternoon. The sun was shining on a breezy, and kind of chilly day. At this point, we're going to take a bit of a break, and see what kind of surprises Mother Nature is going to share with us...

...well, Friday arrived, and Old Man Winter seemed to have had a change of heart. For a little while, anyway. 

The winter storm watch went away...

...but snow came anyway...during the wee hours of Saturday morning...

...leaving the world outside looking like Mother Nature had decided that spring was one big typo and she was going to cover the world in white out...

...and, sigh, more snow came again on Sunday afternoon...

...hopefully, we won't need to wear winter coats when we go to the fair this summer...and I am sorry that I uttered those words...






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