A simple black and white picture simply does not do justice to some of the forces of nature which were at work one afternoon last week in Union County.A snack for the Tin Man? This mushroom was spotted one day recently while the photographer was on a daily walkabout. By the way, even if you are the Tin Man, please do not go out and just start munching on mushrooms you find in the great outdoors.

Don't know much about...well...lots of stuff

Please read this. . .


At the time this was being started last Friday morning, Mother Nature was sharing a little bit of sunshine with us. Seemed like the last time we had seen the light of the sun might have been sometime last October.

Then again, the forecast was calling for the return of clouds...and rain...and snow...SNOW????...on Easter Sunday. As that blockhead Good Ol' Charlie Brown might exclaim...AAARRRGGHHH...

This week, allow me, if you will, to share with you folks a couple of things that yours truly really does not know much about.

Actually, such things could fill an encyclopedia, or whatever the early 21st century equivalent of such volumes of wisdom might be. I will be the first to admit that there's a whole bunch o' stuff in this great big wide world that yours truly has limited knowledge about.

Consider the mushroom that I saw on a walkabout one afternoon when rain was not falling from the sky. A picture of said mushroom accompanies this week's meanderings.

Actually, there were a couple of the mushrooms. They were growing in a yard, a few steps away from a sidewalk. The mushrooms were light brown and about the size of a small fist.

The mushrooms reminded me of a brain, which would be something that journalists aren't really familiar with. Or, so I've heard. 

To be honest with you, I had no idea what kind of mushroom I was looking at. I am vaguely familiar with mushrooms which come in little cans, which, in turn, come from the grocery store. 

I believe that these mushrooms are products of France. Why do we have mushrooms from France? I do not know. The Other Half buys them. We do not discuss canned mushrooms very often.

Perhaps, if you are bored, and you probably are by now, and if you happen to be a mushroom expert, you could let me know sometime what kind of mushrooms I saw.

 (Pause in the writing...wow...the sun is still shining...)

Mushrooms may, or may not, like the rainy, cool weather we've been having lately. Most of the folks I've talked to would be glad to feel the warm breezes of spring and to see at least a day or two without rain. 

It probably would be bad to just flat out say "I wish it would stop raining." Never know how that might end up. 

Last Thursday afternoon, yours truly went out looking for pictures of water. Steady rain was still falling. As it had been doing for days and days.

Finding pictures of water was not hard to do. A drive along Spanish Bluff Road near Anna offered plenty of opportunities to see water in action.

In case you are not familiar with Spanish Bluff Road, it's worth a visit. Spanish Bluff is a "classic" country road which offers views of rocky bluffs and a creek.

(How Spanish Bluff came to be called Spanish Bluff is another one of those things that yours truly does not know about. Seems like I may have actually heard the story some time in the forgotten past.)

The creek was the focus of my attention last Thursday. At one point, I stopped and got out of the car to take a picture or two or three. Thanks to the heavy rain we'd been having, the creek had become a raging torrent of brown water. (Yes, I know. "Raging torrent" most likely is an overused cliche for lots of water. Sorry.)

The image of the "raging torrent" was quite impressive. And so was the sound track which accompanied the visuals. The "raging torrent" was accompanied by sounds not often heard in the creeks of Union County. A sense of awe comes to mind.

Awe was the word that came to mind when I got to thinking about the amount of water which was falling from the sky on Union County...and where that water might end up. 

I'm guessing ('cause I don't know for sure...imagine that) the creek ends up in a bigger creek, which eventually ends up in the Ohio River or the Mississippi River, which eventually ends up in the Gulf of Mexico, where some of the water evaporates, and cycles into the sky, then it heads north and falls from the sky on Union County, and eventually ends up in a creek along Spanish Bluff Road...

...and the sun is still shining.

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