A fellow traveler on the Journey Through Life was kind enough to share this photo of a windmill turbine being transported on a train which went through Cobden on a recent Sunday afternoon. This was one of three turkeys which were spotted in a field along another country road in our little corner of the world.Posing for a picture? A doe (well, I’m assuming it was a doe) and a fawn were kind enough to allow the photographer to take a couple of photographs before they headed into the woods near a country road in Union County.

Cat needs to learn how to answer phone...

Please read this...


No. You are not reading the "back page." The "back page" has to be another page this week. Gotta pay the bills...


Just never know what a walk, or maybe an unplanned journey along a country road, might bring...

Before we get to the topics at hand, I wanted to mention, first of all, that this column was not created by using Artificial Intelligence. It was created with the use of no intelligence whatsoever.

As I sat down to create this masterpiece, I got to wondering: does anybody out there know if a cat can learn how to answer a telephone and take a message? Cats seem to be pretty smart. Our cats certainly act like they are much smarter than at least one of the two people who inhabit our household. I’m pretty sure they just put up with me. 

At this point in my life, it would really be nice if Bob could answer our old-school landline. Yes, we still have a landline at our humble abode. Seems like I might have read someplace on the internet that landlines are about to undergo the same fate as the dinosaurs. Of course, I suppose the folks who run the internet world would not shed any tears with the demise of landlines.

I suppose the same fate befell rotary telephones. If you are of a certain age, as in old and over the hill, you no doubt remember rotary telephones. 

Anyway, it sure would be nice if Bob could answer the phone, and take a message or two. With that in mind, I decided to do a Google search for two topics: “cat answers phone” and “cat takes messages on phone.”

Now, you may be saying to yourself, I bet he didn’t find much of anything. Or, you may be saying to yourself: maybe he should find something else to do with his time.

Well, it turned out there were 91,400,000 results for “cat answers phone.” After going through approximately half of the results, I tried the other search. There were only 777,000,000 results for “cat takes messages on phone.”

So, maybe it is actually possible to teach a cat how to answer the phone. It sure would be fun to listen to Bob have a discussion with a telemarketer. While we’re at it, I need to see if we can teach the cats how to clean their own litter boxes...


One evening last week, I was nearing the end of my daily walkabout. I was in a bit of a hurry to get back home. The sudden arrival of dark clouds and strong wind suggested that a storm was imminent. Nothing came of it, though. 

As I got close to home, a vehicle pulled up beside me...and stopped. After some initial greetings, the driver shared that he taken some photographs of something that might be worth sharing with others.

The photos featured windmill turbines which were being transported on railroad flatbeds through Cobden on a recent Sunday afternoon. I had never seen such a thing. I am grateful that the photographer was willing to share the images. Thank you...

Unplanned journeys along a couple of country roads in Union County last week also led to unexpected photo opportunities. One involved a pair of deer, including a fawn, still with its spots; the other involved three wild turkeys. 

The encounters with the deer and the turkeys happened because I just kind of decided on a whim to see what might show up on a trip through the country. I’m looking forward to my next big trip...


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