This bug, a preying mantis, paid a brief visit to a garden ornament in our yard one evening recently. The bug stuck around long enough for a couple of pictures, and then flew away into the evening.This unique looking bug was spotted one day last week in Cobden. A number of folks appeared to pause and take a look at the bug.Definitely not a hummingbird. Don’t remember what kind of bug this is. It showed up on one of the hummingbird feeders at our humble abode.

Bugging the reader...

Please read this. . .

This week, we’re just going to bug you. With big bugs. And a VW bug, too. 

As you have probably figured out, I like to take pictures of bugs. And turtles. And birds. And deer. And bunnies.  And the occasional person, too. 

I have found that the critters can sometimes be more cooperative than the persons when it comes to having their picture taken. I have yet to hear a critter say “Don’t take my picture” or “I don’t like to have my picture taken.” Some critters, squirrels in particular, seem to be quite willing to pose for a photo or two before they head off and do whatever squirrels do to keep themselves busy. 

That being said, I decided to bug you with a few pictures of bugs that yours truly has shot over the past week or two. Besides, last week, I think I used all of the words which had been floating around in the dust bin between my ears.

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