Didn’t expect to see Big Foot while out for a walk on a cold Sunday afternoon in January... Mr. Foot did not do a very good job of hiding, either...

Big Foot spotted on Sunday afternoon walk...

Please read this...

Last Sunday afternoon was all about habits...or maybe routines...some still kept...some, well, not so much...and a little bit of BIG FOOT, too...

Hang on to your seats...this will be almost as exciting as that Detroit/Green Bay NFL game Sunday night. Almost.

Sunday afternoon, instead of taking a nap, your writer managed to get in a nice long walk. Longer than most of the walks I’ve taken recently. The weather has put a bit of a damper at times on taking a really long walk. And on some days, by the time I actually get to go for a walk, it’s dark. With that being said, we are easing ever closer to the return of longer days. I believe The Other Half shared that it’s only about 68 days until spring. She’s actually working on her garden.

Last Sunday afternoon was cloudy and a bit on the chilly side. And there was a nice breeze blowing, too. All in all, though, the weather wasn’t too bad. And I really needed to get in a long walk.

The walk did include a bit of a surprise. I spotted Sasquatch. Yeti. The Abominable Snow Person. Big Foot. I actually got a photograph, which accompanies this column. Seems like getting a photo of Big Foot should be worth millions. But I’m not making any plans for all that money. By the way, for a celebrity known by some as Big Foot, his feet didn’t really seem all that big. You be the judge.

After my Sunday afternoon adventure, I headed back home to the comfort of a couple of nice warm blankets on the sofa, where I was joined by Bob, which happens fairly often these days. Part of our winter routine.

After settling in, I did something that I hadn’t done for quite some time. I watched some NFL games on a Sunday afternoon.

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned such things before. Way back in the day, when there was a football team called the Cardinals in St. Louis, I was a fan. Most of the time, the football Cardinals, also known as the Big Red, were, we just might say, losers. Even so, I was a fan. I even made it to some games over the years...saw the Cardinals and the Dallas Cowboys play on a sweltering autumn afternoon...and sat through a freezing December afternoon when the Big Red played the Kansas City Chiefs. Both games were at the old Busch Stadium.

The Big Red, as you may know, flew the coop and went to the desert. So much for being a fan. That pretty much left me without a team...until the Los Angeles Rams became the St. Louis Rams. I became a Rams fan. Should have known better. Never did make it to a Rams game in St. Louis. Watched their games on the tube, though. Nearly every single one while they were in St. Louis.

The Rams, of course, joined the Cardinals in leaving St. Louis. At that point, I pretty much gave up on pro football. I still kind of pay attention to the Super Bowl, mainly for the commercials.

I’m not quite sure why watching last Sunday afternoon’s games seemed to matter. It might have been a few “connections,” past and present...

The New York Giants were playing the Eagles in Philadelphia. We have a bit of connection with Philadelphia these days...a couple of special folks live just outside the City of Brotherly Love.

The Cowboys were playing the team now known as the Commanders, who call the Washington, D.C., area home. The Other Half used to live near D.C. 

Finally, there was the game Sunday night in icy Green Bay between the Packers and the Detroit Lions. The Lions were the first pro football team that I was aware of during the Journey Through Life. I’m originally from Detroit. Dad was a Lions fan. And a Tigers fan. And a Red Wings fan. Some things just kind of stay with you.

  The Lions ended up defeating the Packers Sunday night in what turned out to be a pretty exciting game. I don’t know if the game was exciting enough to spur me on to watching more games. Besides, Big Foot didn’t make an appearance at any of the games...I wonder if he likes pro football...

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