Cobden Junior High and High School filed into the gym Thursday, Nov. 3, to watch the seniors put on a mock presidential and vice-presidential debate. Photo by Amber Skelton.Student moderator Emmilee Hawk and Addy Aspen as Mike Pence listened to Jason Thompson as Tim Kaine give an argument. Photo by Amber Skelton.Jason Thompson debated as Tim Kaine. Photo by Amber Skelton.Addy Apsen as Mike Pence addressed the crowd. Photo by Amber Skelton.Jason Thompson as Tim Kaine spoke while Juan Miranda acted as a Secret Service agent in the background. Photo by Amber Skelton.Perla Lopez played the part of Donald Trump during the debate. She inserted several of the Republican candidate's famous quotes, such as the campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again." Photo by Amber Skelton.Robert Phillippe, who took on the roll of Hillary Clinton, pointed out many charges against his opponent, "Perla Trump," including "her" treatment of minorities. Photo by Amber Skelton.Seniors from the government classes worked as Secret Service members throughout the debates. Pictured are, from left, Ruben Guzman, Juan Miranda, Andy Outlan, Grace Grimmar, Madison Burns and Inna Kinsey. Photo by Amber Skelton.Robert Phillippe as Hillary Clinton listened to Perla Lopez as Donald Trump give a rebuttal. Photo by Amber Skelton.Perla Lopez as Donald Trump responded to a question posed by student moderator Makynzie Peterman. Photo by Amber Skelton.Student moderator Makynzie Peterman presented a question to the candidates. Photo by Amber Skelton.The candidates shook hands with students at the conclusion of the debate. Perla Lopez as Donald Trump is pictured. Photo by Amber Skelton.

Seniors put on mock debate, election at Cobden High School

The candidates for U.S. president and vice-president looked a little different than usual at Cobden High School on Thursday, Nov. 3.

Seniors at Cobden High School put on a mock presidential and vice-presidential debate and election for the school on Thursday, Nov. 3. 

Participants took two different government classes. A poll was used to determine which class would represent the Republican party and which would represent the Democratic party.

The classes created political materials, including a commercial for each candidate, and researched what the candidates think on key issues, partly by watching the televised debates and studying their many statements. 

Two students from each class were chosen to portray their candidates in front of student moderators and the junior and senior high students and teachers.

Perla Lopez and Addy Aspen, from the Republican class, became Perla Trump and Addy Pence. Robert Phillippe and Jason Thompson, from the Democratic class, played Robert Clinton and Jason Kaine.

The vice-presidential debate was moderated by Emmillee Hawk. Makynzie Peterman moderated the presidential debate.

The student-made commercials were shown between the vice-presidential and presidential debates. Both featured the students and a large hand-made Trump sign that greets motorists on their drive into Cobden.

Many students from the classes watched over the debate and escorted candidates on and offstage as Secret Service agents in black and white clothing, sunglasses and ear pieces. Others monitored the voting booths and ballot box.

Arguments ranged from Clinton's actions regarding Benghazi and the decision to bring Middle Eastern refugees into the U.S. to the sexual allegations against Trump and the divisive nature of the Republican candidate's campaign. The debaters also managed to insert several infamous lines from the candidates, including "America is great because it is good," and "I have the greatest respect for women."

High school students who had previously registered to vote were then able to cast a ballot to decide a winner.

Government teacher Nathan Emrick, reported that the election was decided by one vote. The tally was 84 votes for Clinton and 83 for Trump.

A link to footage of the debates, including interviews with the debaters, is available here.

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