This critter seemed to be looking for a place to at least get out of the cold wind. The picture was taken along Casper Church Road near Anna Thursday, Jan. 5, while light snow was falling.Icicles which had formed on sandstone along the Quetil Trail in Alto Pass represented the way the photographer's fingers felt last Saturday morning.Russian steppes? Nope, Cobden steps. As you can tell, the cold froze the photographer's brain waves, which don't function well on a warm day.

Please read this...Smart folks would have stayed inside

Even a small amount of snowfall can transform the world around us into a winter wonderland. Sorry about the cliche...

Union County land experienced a bit of a visit from Old Man Winter during the past week. Based on weather forecasts, Mr. Winter's visit with us was going to be interrupted by some warmer temperatures, and then a return to the cold.

Yours truly decided to take advantage of the cold, and the snow and ice which accompanied said conditions, and senselessly wandered around in The Big Chill to take a picture or two...or three...

Last Thursday, as in January the 5th, when the snow was falling, I motored through metropolitan Anna, then into the big city's suburbs, and to the village we call home, to get some snow pics. 

While motoring through the suburbs, along Casper Church Road, I spotted some critters out in the snow. At one point, while I was taking a picture or two, they looked at me in such a way that suggested that the person behind the camera might be a little bit crazy and just might want to go where it was warm.

Last Saturday, I had to motor to Alto Pass for some official business. After taking care of business, I decided to go for a walk along the Quetil Trail, which is easily accessible from downtown Alto Pass, mainly because it's right in downtown Alto Pass.

The trail is located at the base of what is called a sandstone bluff community. I know this because there is a sign along the trail which identifies "The Sandstone Bluff Community." 

"The place you are standing was once under water," the sign reads. "A large river covered this area about 300 million years ago. Similar to the way the Mississippi River deposits sand along its banks, this ancient river deposited the sand that makes up the bluff behind you. This particular sandstone is called Battery Rock Sandstone, named for the massive bluff along the Ohio River in Hardin County where the sandstone was first discovered."

All righty then. A cold Saturday morning, and I've actually learned something.

And, after spending about 20 minutes walking along the trail, I also learned that smart people stay inside when the temperature is about 20 degrees and the wind chill is cold enough to make a person's face freeze. I reached a point where my fingers started to hurt because of the cold and decided to head back to the car. (And, yes, I was wearing gloves.)

I got back home and told The Other Half about my icy adventure...and how I decided, on my very own, that it was time to get out of the cold when my fingers started to hurt. She just shook her head.

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