Please read this...Some times you feel like a nut...

Before we get to the business at hand, just wanted to share a bit about another book yours truly has read which, again, had some "local" connections.

The book is a work of historical fiction titled "The Underground River," which was written by Martha Conway. The time period for the book is 1838. As you journey through the story, you'll come across mentions of Cairo and Golconda and Paducah. 

"The Underground River" is available at Stinson Memorial Library in Anna. Check it out. Sorry.

Now, let's talk squirrels...

As was mentioned last week, we're in the midst of what seems to have become a tradition. Critters were featured during the first week of December. 

This week, we're sharing some of our favorite squirrel pictures from 2017. During the course of my various walkabouts, I try to keep an eye out for our bushy-tailed friends. 

Squirrels can be very photogenic. Sometimes, a squirrel will just sit and patiently wait for the guy with the camera to take a picture...or two...or three...or...

Other times, the squirrels will take one look at the guy with the camera and immediately scamper away as fast as their tiny little legs will carry them. And it's pretty amazing the way these critters can change direction.

Next week, again if all goes as planned, we'll begin what I hope is a special treat that will close out 2017. Thanks again for humoring me... 

To view all of Geof's photos, visit this gallery:

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