Daffodils...on Friday evening...yours truly took this picture during my daily walk. Snow was in the forecast for Friday night...The same daffodils...on Monday morning...I missed an opportunity to get a pic of the flowers on Saturday morning, mainly 'cause I didn't get out before the snow which fell during the night had melted. Monday morning was a different story, mainly 'cause the snow was still falling...and falling...and falling...Sometimes, I can't help myself...so, I created some snow graffiti first thing Monday morning...while the snow was still falling...

Please read this...Mother Nature is playing tricks on us!!!!!

Ugh! Monday morning. Here again! Wake up! It's still dark! Look outside! And, in the immortal utterance of the legendary blockhead Charlie Brown, "AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!" Complete with a whole bunch of exclamation points!!!!

Just so you know, this writer absolutely does not like exclamation points! Don't know why! Just don't! 

The Charlie Brown response to Monday morning came to mind when I looked outside and saw that it was SNOWING!!!!!!

One week before spring begins, and it's snowing! The landscape is covered in white! And I have to go out in that stuff! The Other Half, who is a very, very smart person, remains under the covers!   

Enough with the exclamation points...

When all else fails, we can always talk about the weather. And given that deadline time passed about three days ago, it's probably good that Mother Nature has been playing some rather interesting games with us lately.

Up until the past week or so, we'd had about three hours of winter in our neck of the woods. February was strangely warm...as a matter of fact, the warmest on record in the Land of Lincoln.

The warm weather was kind to mosquitoes and ticks and other such pests. Why, grass was growing and folks were mowing their lawn, which set a bad example for those of us who don't like to get the mower out until about August. I still think it would be a good idea if our lawn would be declared as a nature preserve, then we wouldn't have to worry about mowing.

Then, March gets here...and, like John Madden used to exclaim – "BOOM!" Oops. Another exclamation point. Sorry about that! Anyway, March gets here, and it's been cold and snowy and pretty much unpleasant. 

As I'm wrapping this us on Monday afternoon, it's a week from the first day of spring. The snow which fell during the morning is starting to melt away and disappear. Still, it's just not very nice in the great outdoors. And, from what I was hearing, it was supposed to be even colder Tuesday night, and again on Wednesday night.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, the weather will be warmer and Monday's snow will be a distant memory. We'll hope for the best. In the meantime, stay warm and enjoy March Madness. Go Wildcats!

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