While wandering around on a recent sunny, autumn afternoon, I happened to notice this image of a turtle enjoying the day at a local pond.A pic worth turning around for...this owl (a barred owl?) was spotted one morning last week when yours truly was trekking to The Paragraph Factory. I caught a glimpse of the owl, drove a bit farther up the highway, turned around and came back. The owl was kind enough to hang around for about half a dozen pics...and then flew off to do whatever an owl does on a sunny morning.The moon...and a starling...in the morning. The moon, shining in the morning, served as a backdrop for a starling on a utility wire.

A mea culpa...and some wildlife pics, too

Please read this. . .

As we sometimes do, this week you will be getting a little bit of this...and a little bit of that...

...first up, a mea culpa, which is fancy Latin, I think, for oops. 

Last week, I shared my excitement about getting to touch a slice of rock from the moon. I said that the rock was about 4 billion years old. 

I guess I was so excited about touching the moon rock that I missed its age by, oh, a billion years or so. The rock was about 3 billion years old. Which is what it said right in my notes. Might have been good to have looked at the notes.

...speaking of old rocks, yours truly was out wandering around last Sunday afternoon and found, among other treasures, a really nice trilobite fossil. Just sayin’...

...moving on...

...as you may know, the World Series starts this week. And, as you may know, the Cardinals won’t be playing in the World Series this year. The Cubs won’t, either.

I’m disappointed that the Cardinals won’t have a shot at another World Series championship. Can’t say that I’m disappointed that the Cubs are in the same boat.

Sports fans will know that the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros are playing in the 2019 World Series. Hardly seems like a dream match-up, unless you happen to be a Nationals fan. Or an Astros fan. If you happen to like either one of those teams, hope you enjoy the Series.

Truth be told, I was just glad that the Cardinals were still playing baseball in October. That hadn’t happened in a few years. Life just didn’t seem right. It was kind of like the universe was out of balance.

...moving on...again...

Yours truly had a couple of dealings with bureaucratic sorts of things during the past week or so. Everything went more smoothly than one person could have possibly deserved. Life was good. 

I was extremely grateful for the fine folks who helped along the way. Each situation involved real, live personal contacts with people right here in our community. In this wonderful era of digital interactions, I’m still kind of partial to face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball contact. Just call me old-fashioned.

..the dealings with various bureaucracies were triggered by what turned out to be a rather minor event early one morning last week.

I am not a morning person. Never have been. Morning is just something that one has to deal with on the Journey Through Life.

I have a sign posted on the wall in my cubicle at The Paragraph Factory which pretty much sums up my thoughts about morning: “I DON’T LIKE morning people...OR mornings...OR people...” Actually, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Or not.

...and then there’s the time that Bob and I get to spend together outdoors...like late last Sunday afternoon.

Bob, you see, likes to go outside. A lot. He especially seems to like it when yours truly takes him outside. When he gets outside, he doesn’t say much. He does like to stretch and roll around a lot, especially on the concrete...after it has warmed up in the sun...

Last Sunday afternoon was particularly nice. Kind of warm. Not hot. A bit of a breeze. Birds and bugs were making birds and bugs noises. It was just a nice time to be outside. All in all, it was a nice way to start a new week...

...let me close with a bit of a note about the photographs you get to see this week...somebody had asked when I would have some more wildlife photos. Well, I guess that would be now. An owl is definitely wildlife. Same goes for a turtle. And, I guess a starling is wildlife...

....next week...maybe...we’ll do a bit of time traveling...

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