Two bees, or not two bees...that would be the question. However, William Shakespeare was not around when the picture was taken, mainly 'cause he's dead, except maybe for that new show on TNT, which I've only seen once. By accident. There was no mention of bees, in any numbers or any kind, on the show.
What happens when yours truly has too much time on his hands? To tell you the truth, yours truly does not have too much time on his hands very often. However, last week, one thing kind of led to another, and pretty soon...well, you're about to read what happened... First up, we had another Chuck...
One of the displays at the visitors center at Giant City State Park features animals which can be found in the woods in our neck of the woods. The bobcat is one of those critters. So is Bob the Cat. I'm pretty sure that Bob the Cat could give a bobcat a run for its money.
A few casual observations before we get started on the good stuff... ...last week, it was so hot that I saw a chicken basting itself... ...speaking of chickens, they were laying eggs that were already hard boiled... ...dragonflies were getting so hot that they were turning into fire flies... ...we...
This is not Chuck. I'm guessing that this is one of Chuck's northern cousins. Chuck's cousin apparently is not very bright, either, because he/she was playing alongside the road, which was good when it comes to generating a somewhat blurry photograph, but not so good when it comes to longevity.
This week, dear readers, allow me to wax philosophical. And, you're asking yourself: What exactly does he mean when he's going to wax philosophical?  Thank you for asking. To be honest with you, to wax philosophical was one of those things I've heard hundreds of times on the Journey Through Life....
Peekaboo: A groundhog/woodchuck was taking a look around from a nifty hiding place, and was kind enough to hang around for a picture, or two, or three...
The Other Half has returned from a journey to the Bluegrass State, and that was very, very good news. Especially for our kitties. Don't get me wrong. Yours truly was glad, as in very glad, to see her return home. Taking care of home, sweet, home all by one's self is, well, hard work. Then again, I...
Snack bar? I'm guessing, and it truly is a guess, that these birds found a watery snack bar on the Refuge Drive. The feathered critters didn't seem the least bit concerned about having their picture taken.
This week, you get two thousand words, more or less. Clean and simple. Well, only if you happen to believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. As you may have heard, we've been having another one of our once every 500 years or so floods. I think this year's flood event would the second once...
Bad combination? A squirrel and wires. This bushy-tail paused for a photograph, then scampered off to do whatever squirrels do. Some, apparently, make bad decisions with wires and high-voltage situations. This image was "solarized," as opposed to a squirrel which may have been "energized" as the result of a bad decision which had nothing to do with a pink, drum-playing bunny.
First up this week: We had a Chuck spotting one day during the past week or so. You may recall, or you may not, from a previous colyum that we mentioned our buddy Chuck. Chuck is a woodchuck, or groundhog. Yours truly had spotted Chuck a number of times, but hadn't seen him in a while. Then, during...
Looking for Easter eggs? Checking out the pantry? A groundhog, AKA a woodchuck, was spotted in our backyard early Monday morning. The critter didn't seem to have a worry in the world.
So, I'm going through the Monday morning routine, getting ready to start another week at The Paragraph Factory.  I glance out the back door. Much to my surprise, I spot the back of a furry brown head, streaked with a fair amount of gray (hmmmm...just like mine), which belongs to a critter taking a...

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