The Anna Arts Center  in Anna plans to present a free showing of “Chicken People” on Friday, Jan. 27. “Chicken People” is a film which features Brian Caraker of Anna. The screening is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Admission is free. A concession stand will be available. For more information, call...
This critter seemed to be looking for a place to at least get out of the cold wind. The picture was taken along Casper Church Road near Anna Thursday, Jan. 5, while light snow was falling.
Even a small amount of snowfall can transform the world around us into a winter wonderland. Sorry about the cliche... Union County land experienced a bit of a visit from Old Man Winter during the past week. Based on weather forecasts, Mr. Winter's visit with us was going to be interrupted by some...
Utter humiliation? Thank goodness the reptile featured in this pic was not a T rex, 'cause yours truly would have ended up like that fellow who decided to hide in an outhouse in "Jurassic Park."
At some point, when we least expect it, they are going to have their revenge. Especially a certain calico kitty and a traveling lizard. If you have a pet, any kind of pet, any kind of creature, you might appreciate the story that I'm going to share.  Before we get to the revenge of the critters, I...
A vulture appeared to be basking in the December sunshine when this image was captured recently along Mountain Glen Road near Cobden.
A vulture appeared to be basking in the December sunshine when this image was captured recently along Mountain Glen Road near Cobden.
Photo by Geof Skinner. feel like a nut, which, again, officially dates yours truly. Well, another year is rapidly coming to what may seem like a merciful conclusion. And, in keeping with a tradition which dates back, oh, maybe three years, I decided to once again share some of my favorite images of...
April 8: Kitty was taking a nap and didn't even notice when the picture was taken.
Just as promised, this week you get to see some of my favorite critter pics from 2016. I've been saving up all kinds of photographs for the past 12 months. I had something like a million images, but these were some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy them. Next week, you'll get to see some of my...
While ramblin' around Union County during the 2016 ColorFest celebration way back in October, I spotted this sign at an event in Alto Pass...the message seemed appropriate for this week.
If you happen to be familiar with a routine by comedian/singer/bluegrass music guy Steve Martin that involves a song about a ramblin' man, consider that the soundtrack for this week's colyum... ...a couple of weeks ago, we had a picture in the paper with a caption that mentioned a hard-working...
Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends gather around delicious food to express gratitude and spend quality time together.  Pet owners may want to involve their furry friends in the celebration by being extra generous with the table scraps, but many of these tasty handouts can be harmful...
A ground hog on the ground...and headin' for his hole...this image has absolutely nothing to do with the Union County Fair, other than the picture was taken during fair week. This hog, which, I suppose technically is not a hog in the strictest sense of the word, was spotted one day last week in metropolitan Anna.
Other than the pictures, we're going to keep things kind of short and sweet this week... the can it be September already? Another Union County Fair has come and gone, and as near as this observer could tell, the 2016 edition seemed to go quite well. And that was a good thing, given...


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